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Best Payroll Software for Small Businesses

Depending on the size and needs of your company, it might be better to work with a payroll software platform that offers custom pricing. If you’re a small business owner looking for payroll and HR features in an easy-to-use package, OnPay is a great option. It stands out for its transparent pricing and affordability, making Bookkeeping, tax, & CFO services for startups it a straightforward choice for small businesses. Once you have created your account, the software will handle all your tax filings and payments. If any mistakes occur, OnPay’s team will assist you in resolving the issue with the relevant tax agency and bear the responsibility for any fines arising from the error.

Best Payroll Software for Small Businesses

It’s best to contact Deel directly to get accurate pricing information for your organization. Its reasonably priced plan and efficient HR tools contributed to its high scores (4 and up), while the lack of online reviews resulted in it getting a zero rating in our popularity criteria. If you are, consider any providers in this guide (except Patriot Payroll and Homebase Payroll, as neither offers benefits). The Plus Plan is suited to larger businesses with up to 500 employees and is priced per quote. Likewise, the Custom Plan from Pento is also based on a tailored quote and is suited to enterprises with more than 500 employees. Pento will streamline your payroll processes, integrating your payroll with other services such as accounting, HR and pension.

Our picks for best online payroll software

Moorepay’s payroll software is more suited to medium-sized businesses, not micro-sized. Its cost outweighs the benefits for businesses with 2 to 30 employees (despite Moorepay not publicly sharing https://accounting-services.net/accounting-for-startups-the-ultimate-startup/ its pricing plans). The payroll software you use should integrate with QuickBooks or whichever accounting software you use to keep an accurate record of payroll history in the event of an audit.

Square has an excellent financial application ecosystem consisting of multiple websites and other tools that work well together. Its payroll website, Square Payroll, is especially well integrated with Square Point of Sale (POS). Together, they make a great team, supporting hourly workers and payroll administrators as they record hours, schedule shifts, and complete other compensation-related tasks. We include Square Payroll among the best online payroll services because of this powerful connection. By itself, however, Square Payroll is expensive and not as feature-rich as its competitors. Payroll service and software should be simple to set up, customizable, and have a user-friendly interface.


All accounts start with a 7-day free trial and can be cancelled at any time. You can manage your income and expenses and project accurate cash flow forecasts, ensuring that all data you have used is accurate and precise. Furthermore, custom reporting is available for your business, tailoring the type of reports you need to aid your business decision making. Additional calculations for Statutory Sick Pay as well as maternity pay and other adjustments are taken care of. All necessary documents are produced by the software, such as P45 and SAP1.

Given that most SMEs will have a specific budget in mind for managed payroll, we think this is a significant drawback for research. Inarguably, the standout features of TopSource Worldwide is its international payroll capabilities. How to account for grant in nonprofit accounting As more businesses hire from abroad to combat skills shortages, TopSource is the ideal provider for SMEs operating or expanding globally. Its team of experts will ensure you remain confident and compliant in over 150 countries.

Make your workplace safe and accessible for employees

Payroll services from QuickBooks is an additional feature that can be added onto most existing QuickBooks accounts. Live training is also ready for your business to access, ensuring that you know how to use the software effortlessly and with complete support. You can manage your employees’ attendance and expenses, as well as administer benefits and integrate with other software, such as QuickBooks and third-party apps such as Slack. Moorepay payroll offers a complete service that is fully compliant with up-to-date legislation. Completing your own payroll can be a cost-effective method for your business, although it will take a substantial amount of time on a regular basis.

Best Payroll Software for Small Businesses

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