Integrity is one of the foundations of a business, we pride ourselves in having strong moral principals which permeate through our entire organization, we strongly stand up against anything and anyone who will be willing to violate these principles, criminals have a new enemy in Security 007.

Business Ethics

We invest alot of time in our staff to ensure the proper ethics are implemented to make sure that a certain required of trust exist between our clients and ourselves, the same level of care is given to our clients across our entire portfolio. Long lasting relationships with our clients is what we strive for.


We make sure that our clients now what is happening on their premises, we ourselves do not hide what we do from our clients, transparency is a ethic we believe, both through what we do and what happens on our client premises.

Operations protocol

* Services * Clients needs based tailor-made services * Deployment of security offices with round-the-clock timed-logs * Rotation of Security officers * Supervision & monitoring of guards * Field managers * Operational control measure

Human Resources

* Employment equity policy * Employee benefits * Provident fund * Statutory wage determination act increase * Polygraph testing * Uniforms * Hours of work * Value added services * Medical response * Security dogs * Armed guards * Business to business crime sharing forum

Training & Staff Development Plan

* Pre-employment controls * Training * Promotion within * Manning of telephones after hours (24 hours) * Hygiene standards