Security 007 is a young and innovative black owned business in the Private Security Industry
and was established 2014.
We listen, we care, and we continue to uphold our long standing tradition of not only meeting
but exceeding our client’s expectations. We also remain in step with changes in our marketplace.
We like to believe that we do things differently. We treat our clients differently, as individuals,
catering for their individual needs while striving to contain costs. To us, clients focus covers
everything from quality service to delivery with professional expertise.


The company is based on the realities of South Africa and embraces the concept of economic
empowerment. The company strives to fulfil this by realization of true empowerment. In
achieving this, we provide quality integrated security solutions by means of skilled and
trained personnel, supported by appropriate technology.
As a BBBEE company, we as Security 007 continuously aspire to improve in our
professionalism, service excellence and customer focus services in order to contribute to a
crime free society, create jobs and positively transform our socio-economic environment.
In today’s challenging workplace, efficiency and consistently high standards are paramount.
We tailor our security services specifically to our client’s needs and specifications. The process
begins with a careful analysis of our client’s needs and ends with the best service, deployment4,
and technology strategy tailored for that client, either integrated or stand alone.
Through service excellence and company pride, we are geared and equipped to provide a fully comprehensive and effective service in all aspects within the Security Industry.


We are committed to strengthening our position in the Security Industry through total
quality service. One of our objectives is to establish a profitable business that does not
purely create wealth for individuals, but also encourages enterprises and the development
of all performers.
Our Core focus is to assess, implement and provide customised guarding and protective
services and solutions Nationally. We provide the South African people at grass-roots
level security at residential, schools and communities. We work with South African Police
& people to combat the crime.
Good service levels are maintained through active involvement by management on all
levels, and adhering to our Quality Management System.


To be the preferred security service provider and to create a safe working environment for
all employees in a sustainable manner. To deploy skilled employees without discriminating
against any employee with regards to religion, race, gender or ethnicity.


Security 007 supports the principle of equal opportunity and employment on merit and
endeavour to select, recruit and place employees without any discrimination. Ihe company
is committed to the upliftment of communities and has taken a decision to recruit within
the community where we render a service. In isolated instances, after conducting a proper
security survey/risk analysis, the management may recommend that people from another
community should be deployed.All prospective employees must have the correct
certification and will undergo a preemployment SAPS
Criminal Clearance check. SAPS Criminal Clearance checks
will also be done annually to ensure employees have a clean record.


Training has become a global interest in the workplace. Trained and
knowledgeable Security Officers are of paramount importance, thus ensuring
mutual benefit from a professional service for both the client and the company.
Security 007 believes that on-going training and improvement of personnel is a long
term investment, creating understanding and preparing our existing personnel for future


All newly recruited employees will undergo fire arm training irrespective if it is a site
requirement or not and after six months they will do the Refresher Training. Whilst
the Fire arm and Ammunition Control Work.


The Company promotes its internal training infrastructure but also make use of external accredited training institutions.
The Training Department is responsible for the coordination of training activities. Training needs will be
identified and planned for during the recruitment
development phase of new employees. Competence will be
achieved through induction, formal training courses, on job
training, refresher training and assessments. During on job training,
Managers and Supervisors are responsible to identify training needs of
their own staff and these needs will be recorded during weekly Management
Meetings and audits.
Training will focus on competencies as set out in job descriptions, site instructions, work schedule and Company Workplace Skills Plans.


New Operational employees must be in possession of a valid PSIRA certificate.
Contact will be made with PSIRA in order to determine the validity of the certificate.


Our values are focus on the following:

  • To participate meaningfully in the economy of South Africa
  •  Dedication to service and development.
  • Professionalism and integrity in the conduct of all employees
  • To ensure personal commitment to our clients in order to achieve the success their business desires.
  • Leading and participating in service delivery
  • Create a safe working environment for all

Mutual trust and confidence between Security
007 and its clients is only achieved by
meeting our client’s expectations and
anticipating their changing